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Aqua IMPEX Ltd.
Řípská 1142/20a
627 00 Brno
Czech Republic

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Company Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. offer you these products

  Enviroment (waste water treatment plants)
  • Small WWTP of type EKOL standard - this standard type of EKOL plants are designed in accordance with Czech Rep. standard ČSN 756402: Q = 150 l/person. day, BOD = 60 g/person. day, each year pump out 5 sludge. This type is not only used for Czech Rep., but also for export to Slovak Rep., Germany, France, etc... For customer request is possible to produce EKOL plant with accumulation (longer tank), or higher tank (extension). It is possible to supply EKOL plant with insulated cover. EKOL plants are suitable for treatment waste water from: family houses, hotels and motels, production halls, cottages, farms etc... EKOL plants are designed for 8 - 200 connected people (flow 1,0 - 30,0  m3/day).
  • Small WWTP of type EKOL export this export type of EKOL plants are designed in accordance with Austria standard N B 2502 and Germany standard DIN 4261: Q = 200 l/person. day, BOD = 60 g/person. 5 day, (each 2 years pump out sludge). It is mostly used for export to Austria, Denmark, Sweden, etc... EKOL export plants have bigger tank (bigger sedimentation space), higher tank (extension) and insulated cover.

  Plastic tanks
  • Septic tanks are produced in rectangular, or cylinder shape. Septic tanks are designed as self supported (for settling into green areas), or for concrete around (for settling under roads, or in case of high underground water).
  • Underground tanks are use as storage tanks for different liquids, aggressive materials and chemicals, waste water, granulate materials and products for food industry. Tanks have hygienic attest (for storage foods). Produced types are rectangular, or cylinder shape. Tanks are designed as self supported, or for concrete around.
  • Above ground tanks are used for settling above ground, free standing. The width of walls is calculated for 3 standard density of liquid 1000 kg/m (water). It is necessary to re-calculate width of walls in case of usage these tanks for liquids, or chemicals with higher density. Tanks are tested and approved by State institution TZÚS Prague.
  • Tanks for industry use are designed for very aggressive environment, with plastics ribs around tanks. Bigger tanks are equipped with steel frames around tank (covered by plastics). All tanks are waterproof in accordance with Czech Rep. standard ČSN 75 0905.

  Plastic products
  • Armature manholes are produced in rectangular, or cylinder shape. Armature manholes are designed as self supported, or for concrete around. Inside armature manhole is house water meter and next armatures.
  • Swimming pools are produced in oval, rectangular, or circle shape. Water overflow into filtration unit can be by skimmer, or by overflowing channel. We supply swimming pools almost as complete delivery (incl. filtration technology). We supply roof above swimming pools too.
  • Production on customer request: oil and grease separators, mixing tanks, pump stations, air-conditioning pipe, sand filters, boxes for telecommunications, drums and tanks for wine, etc.

  Bussines activity of Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. company

Export and import of different products in EU. Products destined for export abroad are mainly: plastic tanks (for storage of chemicals, for drinking water and wastewater use etc.), septic tanks, pump stations (cylinder, rectangular), plastic floor grates, family swimming pools (including complete technology and roofing), waste water treatment plants (made on customer request in accordance with supplied drawings, export WWTP of type EKOL), and other products: welding machine of type WORK SP (for welding PP desks with wall width 3 mm up to 80 mm, max. length 4100 mm.