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Aqua IMPEX Ltd.
Řípská 1142/20a
627 00 Brno
Czech Republic

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Phone: +420-545-217904
Mobile: +420-775-244077


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Company profile
Introduction of company Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o.

Company Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. is interested in two main areas, which are in the company name:
  • The first area is design, production and sale of plastic products. These products serve for protection of environment (small house wastewater treatment plants, septic tanks, etc.), or for industry use (rectangular, cylindrical tanks for settling underground, or above ground, atypical sewage manholes, pump stations, air-conditioning pipe etc.) and for entertainment and taking rest (swimming pools, incl. complete technology and roofing).
  • The second area is import a export of different products (plastic products, welding machines of plastic, floor grates, equipment for protection of environment, material etc.). This business activity is mainly focused to European countries.
Care of customer

Who are our customers?
  • Products of Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. company find employment with customers in the following fields: building industry, chemical industry, food and drinking industry, ecology and protection of environment areas etc.
  • Our products are also destined for private sector and wide community.
How can we help our customer to achieve better results?
  • The basic philosophy of Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. is to offer our customers what they really need. In this way we avoid such approach when the customer buys what the supplier wants to sell. Therefore we firstly identify technical needs and economic expectations of every individual customer. Then we prepare for him such follow-up solution that would reach the highest customer value (the ratio of benefit and price would be the most favourable).
  • Many years´ experience of our production experts and foremen, precisions and carefulness of production workers, as well as professional access of sale department make us confident, that we are able to offer to all customers the highest quality of supplied products and services.
  • An important part of our care aimed at the customer is feedback. We carefully monitor reliability and efficiency of our products even after their delivery to the customer. Good quality of our products and equipments can be confirmed by many years of its reliable service under heavy duty conditions.
Practical procedures:
  • Practical procedures of taking care for the customer focus around question, how to obtain the best possible ratio of utility and price in our products. Therefore we must know, what the customer expects from the product. This usually takes place at common business meeting. As soon as we manage to identify the actual wishes of the customer, we are able to make correspondent offer.
  • The individual approach to the customer is a key how to find the best solution with highest ratio between the benefit and price.

How we get an advantage in products utility?

We improve the high utility of products in co-operation with outside specialists in areas: static design of plastic tanks, design of wastewater treatment, design of filtration equipment, chemical management of WWTP etc. This co-operation works as consultation, or developing of obliged review of requested technical solution.  We improve the utility of products by putting into practice of feedback principle. This is very effective in case of long term co-operation with customer, when the attributes and parameters are continuously improved.

Product groups
  • Plastic products  ... Armature manholes, Swimming pools, incl. filtration technology, Individual production on customer request (Grease traps, oil separators, mixing tanks, pump stations, air-conditioning pipe, tanks for wine etc.).
  • Programme of tank production ... Septic tanks, Underground tanks, Aboveground tanks, Industry tanks.
  • Environment ... small house WWTP - standard or export type.
  • Business activity ... Export and import of different products, Table welding machine of plastic, Floor grates.


  • The principle value shared within our company is reliability. It implies in particular our certitude that things will happened as they are agreed - no matter whether this applies to quantity, term of delivery, price, or such details as keeping time of a meeting.
  • We keep during contact with customer not only high responsibility and consistency, but even willingness to do something more!
  • Company Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. offer very high quality of products, and services (business activity area). We also offer individual access with flexible ability to react on changes of conditions on market.
  • Aqua IMPEX spol. s r.o. prefer long term business relationships, based on mutual benefit co-operation and on trust.
We offer to our customers:
  • high quality of products and services
  • individual access and flexibility
  • low prices and short delivery terms